Seeing our way through, together...

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Thanks to our AMAZING Frogtown Members, our organization continues to grow! Come to our meetings and grow with us. There is a lot to learn and a lot to enjoy. Come and find out what our members have learned: you can survive and thrive with impaired vision.

  Frogtown Low Vision Support Group’s Purpose: The overall purpose of this group is to provide each member with a sense of EMPOWERMENT. We hope that each member will leave with a greater sense of independence and understanding of their vision loss and its impact on their life. Each meeting is planned to provide for five basic goals: To provide a sense of support. To provide each member with an opportunity to share feelings, experiences, etc. related to their vision loss. To provide each member with practical help; e.g. resources and information pertaining to vision loss and independence. To provide problem solving and coping skills. To provide for social interaction and networking amongst group members which, in turn, will be a sense of support.